NHC Prefixes

Who can hold a prefix?

An NHC member can apply for a prefix after holding membership to one of the affiliated clubs (currently Southern Hamster Club, Midland Hamster Club and Northern Hamster Club) for 12 months, and after renewing their membership for a second year. The prefix is the name under which you would then show. Some clubs do not permit showing under a prefix in pet classes so please check with your club if you wish to obtain a prefix for showing only in the pet classes.

In order to continue holding a prefix, you must remain a member of an NHC-affiliated club; if your club membership lapses, your prefix does too.

The National Hamster Council does not operate a registered, approved or a recommended breeders scheme and we do not carry out inspections or premises or provide any guarantee about the quality of hamsters from individual breeders. The NHC expects all prefix holders to abide by the NHC Code of Conduct concerning the care and breeding of hamsters.

How can I apply for my new Prefix?

The prefix application form can be obtained from the National Secretary. There is a £5 charge to first set up your prefix, which lasts 12 months.

For new prefixes, the application form must be sent to the National Secretary for verification before any payment is made. Once the prefix is approved, the applicant will be notified and can pay online or by cheque.

The name can be anything you wish, though it is submitted for and is checked against a list of current prefixes and those that have recently’expired. Any indecent names will not be allowed. No prefix is allowable that is similar to one which is current or recently lapsed.

For example, if Joe Public had been a member for a year of the Midland Hamster Club he could fill in a prefix form for ‘Public Hamstery’ and return it to the National Secretary. If there was someone already as ‘Public Hams’, or had a name that sounded or looked similar then the member requesting ‘Public Hamstery’ would be asked to choose a different prefix.

If a new applicant tries to pay online before their application is approved, the £5 payment will be taken but classed as a ‘donation to the NHC’ and the applicant will have to pay again for their prefix. So, please have your prefix application approved before trying to pay online.

How can I renew my prefix?

Renewals cost £2 within 3 months of due date. After this time, the prefix lapses and can no longer be used. Lapsed prefixes cost £5 to renew.

A full list of current prefixes and prefix holders is published in the journal twice a year. Each month a list of prefixes due, outstanding and lapsed are published in the journal. This is how prefix holders are notified to renew their prefix; individual renewal emails/letters are not sent so please check the journal regularly.

Payment for prefix renewals can be done via PayPal, or cheque sent to the National Secretary (details can be found on the back of the Journal). Please contact the National Secretary if you require other payment options (postal order, etc.). Cheques should be made payable to ‘National Hamster Council’.

To apply for reinstatement of a lapsed prefix please contact the National Secretary directly.

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