NHC Clubs

All but one show in the year are organised by one of our three regional clubs. More details can be found on each club’s website.

The Northern Hamster Club: https://www.northernhamsterclub.co.uk/

The Midland Hamster Club: http://www.midlandhamsterclub.co.uk/

The Southern Hamster Club: http://www.southernhamsterclub.co.uk/

Why join a hamster club?

– A monthly journal with up to date hamster news and articles.
– Schedules sent to you for all of that club’s shows.
- Access to advice about any aspect of hamster keeping and showing from our network of experienced breeders and exhibitors.
- The opportunity to exhibit and win trophies at any club c shows.
- A copy of the National Hamster Council Handbook which includes the current Show Standards and Codes of Practice.

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