NHC Officers

The officers of the council are nominated and elected by the members of all three regional clubs for the position that they hold office for. Each term lasts two years, at which point they must be re-elected if they wish to continue in office.

Chairman: Andrew Bryan
Vice-Chairman: Mark Harris
Secretary: Rachel Owers
Treasurer: Peter Logsdail (Acting Treasurer)
Editor: Chris Logsdail
PRO & Webmaster: Jenna Gray

Regional Delegates

The regional delegates are elected by their respective clubs to represent the views of their club at National level. One of the delegates is usually the club secretary and reserves can also be sent if one of the listed delegates can not attend a meeting.

Northern: Sheryl Lucas, Victoria Holt, Laura Lovatt
Midland: Sue Carter, Emma Picot, Melissa Chamberlain
Southern: Wendy Barry, Ged Barry, Susan Washbrook


Next Club Shows

Your next club shows are:

Northern - 24th March 2019 at High Legh
Midland - 13th April 2019 at Hereford
Southern - 30th March 2019 at Dawlish

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