All but one show in the year are organised by one of our three regional clubs. More details can be found on each club's website.

The Northern Hamster Club:

The Midland Hamster Club:

The Southern Hamster Club:

Why join a hamster club?

- A monthly journal with up to date hamster news and articles.
- Schedules sent to you for all of that club's shows.
- Access to advice about any aspect of hamster keeping and showing from our network of experienced breeders and exhibitors.
- The opportunity to exhibit and win trophies at any club c shows.
- A copy of the National Hamster Council Handbook which includes the current Show Standards and Codes of Practice.

Next Club Shows

Your next club shows are:

Northern - 24th March 2019 at High Legh
Midland - 13th April 2019 at Hereford
Southern - 30th March 2019 at Dawlish

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