Finding A Breeder

The National Hamster Council receives many enquiries from individuals who are looking to find hamster breeders in their area and you can find information on breeders through your regional hamster club, either Northern, Midland or Southern Hamster Club. All clubs have information about exhibitor/breeders in their Club on their websites.

Northern Hamster Club:…
Midland Hamster Club:
Southern Hamster Club:…/shc-breeders/

The National Hamster Council and its affiliated clubs do not operate an approved or registered breeders scheme however club members are permitted to sell the hamsters that they have bred at club shows providing that they comply with the usual sales rules that are oulined on the show schedules.

The National Hamster Council and its affiliated clubs expect all of members to abide by the National Hamster Council’s Codes of Practice. However the National Hamster Council do not carry out inspections or give a guarantee about the quality of the hamsters from individual breeders.

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