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Prefix Renewal
To renew your NHC Prefix or pay for your new prefix (which must have already been registered)
Renew NHC Prefix E-mail

Renew your NHC Prefix

Please select your renewal length from the list below and enter your correct prefix

If you do not have a prefix, this form cannot be used to register a new one.

Any payments made for an unknown prefix will be counted as donations to the NHC

Renewal Length

Initial NHC Prefix Registration

This is for the initial £5 prefix payment, plus up to 4 years additional renewal.

You must have already arranged your prefix with the NHC before payment

Any payments made for an unknown prefix will be counted as donations to the NHC

New Prefix registration length
The NHC promotes a high standard of hamster care and welfare. Membership of an NHC affiliated club means you automatically agree to follow your club's rules and those of the Constitution. In addition, you also agree to follow the separate NHC Code of Practice. The NHC expects ALL its members to keep their hamsters in suitable housing, with some type of enrichment. There are no exceptions. A copy of the NHC Code of Practice can be found HERE
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