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How do I enter a show?
What do I put my hamster in to enter them?
What happens at the show?
What are Book and Pen stewards?
Can I just come and look around?

How do I enter a show?

Details of who you should send entries to, and by what date are shown at the top of the show schedule. If you are unsure about which classes you may enter the show secretary will be happy to help you. The pet class (where hamsters are judged on tameness and general condition) can be entered on the day of the show and is normally judged at 2pm.

 Show winner

What do I put my hamster in to enter them?

Hamsters must be shown in official Syrian or Dwarf show pens (roborovski dwarfs are shown in Syrian pens). Long haired syrians must be exhibited on wood based cat litter pellets (see substrates), dwarfs and short haired syrians may be shown on either wood shavings or sawdust. No "nesting" material is allowed in the show pen (except on extremely cold days at outdoor shows under the express permission of the show secretary), and if present may result in points being deducted. Pets may be shown in their own cage, or a suitable secure carry box.

What happens at the show?

Exhibitors arrive and collect their pen labels from the show secretary, and then "bench" their hamsters ensuring they all have a piece of fruit or veg and a dog biscuit. Once a hamster is on the show bench it cannot be removed/moved by anyone other than a judge, the pen/book steward or show secretary until the end of the show. Each class is judged in turn, with the top four hamsters in each class recieving a place card.

 hamsters at outdoor show

What are Book and Pen stewards?

The book steward records the judges comments and scores for each hamster. The pen steward is responsible for bringing the hamsters in each class to the table to be judged. They then return the hamsters to the show bench in order of score.

syrian judge (and book steward)

Can I just come and look around?

Yes, there is no fee to enter shows held in halls and you do not have to enter an animal to visit. It is best to arrive after the show hamsters are benched as people will have time to stop and chat. Shows that are part of a larger outdoor show, or the Bradford or London Championships do have an entry fee to get on site.

 dwarf judging (and book steward)


Displays are held at various outdoor venues and aim to educate people about hamsters. At a display, there is no hamster show or pet show. Club members and officers are on hand to provide general information about hamsters, and there will be several hamsters in show pens on display to show the large number of colours, coat patterns, coat types and the variety of species kept as pets. There are normally hamsters and both new and second accessories for sale, and information sheets available to take away.

Display stand (bradford)           Display stand (bradford awards)


Article written by E. Picot


The NHC promotes a high standard of hamster care and welfare. Membership of an NHC affiliated club means you automatically agree to follow your club's rules and those of the Constitution. In addition, you also agree to follow the separate NHC Code of Practice. The NHC expects ALL its members to keep their hamsters in suitable housing, with some type of enrichment. There are no exceptions. A copy of the NHC Code of Practice can be found HERE
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