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The National Hamster Council is a governing body of the hamster fancy in the United Kingdom, representing the interests of all concerned with the keeping, exhibiting and/or breeding of all species of hamsters.

Established in 1949, the National Hamster Council is the oldest such organisation in the world, and its member clubs cover the whole of the UK, with members throughout the world.

With an established network of experienced and knowledgeable officers and advisors, the National Hamster Council and its affiliated clubs offer benefits to everyone interested in all types of hamsters. Our clubs organise regular shows in all areas of Britain, where everyone is welcome - from beginner to experienced breeder. There are classes for pet as well as Exhibition hamsters, and shows are the ideal opportunity to view many of the hundreds of varieties of Syrian hamster, not to mention the many popular species of 'Dwarf' hamsters - Chinese, Russian etc.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise within the National Hamster Council, with many members having kept, bred and exhibited hamsters for over 30 years. This unique pool of knowledge is made available to every member, through our monthly Journal, in our information sheets, and by personal contact.

Benefits of membership include:

Red Eyed White and Argente Campbell

  • A monthly journal which contains articles of interest to both the general hamster owner and to those with a more in-depth knowledge.

Sapphire Winter White

  • Access to knowledge gained by some of the most experienced hamster fanciers in the world.

Normal and Dom Spot Chinese

  • The opportunity to attend regular shows held throughout the UK.


  • Access to recognised breeders of all varieties of hamsters.

Membership of our clubs is open to everyone ( UK and worldwide) with an interest in hamsters, and we endeavour to maintain subscription rates at affordable levels, while ensuring that all members receive excellent value for money.

As the world's leading hamster organisation, the National Hamster Council has an unrivalled reputation, and its standards and show rules have been used - and continue to be used - by hamster clubs and societies in many countries.

National Hamster Council affiliated club members have enjoyed a monthly Journal packed with news, anecdotes, hamster keeping advice and show results for over 50 years.

To gain membership please contact your regional club or attend a NHC show!

Southern Hamster Club Midland Hamster Club Northern Hamster Club

To read what each photo is of simply move your mouse curser over the picture.

The NHC promotes a high standard of hamster care and welfare. Membership of an NHC affiliated club means you automatically agree to follow your club's rules and those of the Constitution. In addition, you also agree to follow the separate NHC Code of Practice. The NHC expects ALL its members to keep their hamsters in suitable housing, with some type of enrichment. There are no exceptions. A copy of the NHC Code of Practice can be found HERE
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